3 Natural Ways to Improve Wellbeing in the Elderly

As people age and enter the later stages of life, it can be increasingly difficult to stay both mentally and physically well. Senior citizens often experience poorer health and a decrease in their general mobility levels because of a more sedate lifestyle. Over time, a lack of activity can result in the loss of muscle tone and reductions in bone density, which can lead to an increased risk of sustaining injuries from slips, trips, and falls. In addition, the elderly may begin to experience poorer mental health due to difficulties with memory or feelings of isolation and loneliness. However, it is important to consider that senior living can be a time when life can be enjoyed to the fullest. The elderly often have more free time because of no longer being at work, and they can use this time effectively to undertake tasks and activities that improve their general well-being. This article explains three natural ways in which the elderly can improve their well-being and get the most out of senior life.

Music Therapy

Listening to music can be an enjoyable and relaxing pastime for all age groups, and especially for the elderly. Having the time to listen to favorite bands and artists can bring back pleasurable memories from a person’s youth, and there may be tracks that are especially memorable, such as the music from their first dance at their wedding. Increasingly, music therapy is being offered to elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Research has shown that offering music therapy to patients with forms of dementia can be a way to improve their cognitive functions. In addition, it has been shown to reduce the levels of depression in the elderly who experience this mental health problem because of cognitive disorders. Put simply, music therapy can be a highly effective way to improve the mental functioning and well-being of elderly people with such conditions.

Arts and Crafts

Today, the use of arts and crafts as a form of natural therapy is widespread. Undertaking pleasurable arts and crafts activities can stimulate the mind, and group classes can also allow elderly people to socialize together, which can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. Assisted living facilities, such as assisted living Effingham IL, have a range of arts and crafts programs for their residents to enjoy. This form of therapy has become commonplace in well-managed retirement and assisted living communities, as the full value of these hobbies and activities begins to be understood. By offering activities that allow residents to be creative and work together, these premises are helping to ensure that the cognitive functions of their residents are kept in the best possible states.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Gentle physical exercise that is undertaken regularly can reap immense health benefits for the elderly. Forms of stretching and movement, such as tai chi, date back hundreds of years and are widely recognized in eastern civilisations as being an effective way to boost physical, mental, and spiritual health without the need for more invasive treatments or methods. Yoga is another form of exercise that can be extremely beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of senior citizens. By focusing on stretching exercises and gentle movements, muscle tone can be developed, along with improved core strength. When the elderly regularly undertakes tai chi or yoga, it can dramatically improve overall fitness levels and may help to reduce the risk of falls in later life, thanks to improved strength and flexibility.

To Sum Up

Natural therapies can be highly effective in helping the elderly to have improved levels of health and well-being. Music therapy has been proven to improve the lives of patients with chronic memory problems, such as dementia, and can help to combat depression. Arts and craft classes are being increasingly offered in assisted living facilities to cultivate the imagination of their residents and cultivate friendships. Gentle forms of exercise, such as tai chi and yoga, are also highly beneficial for the elderly by helping them stay both mentally and physically fit.

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